Another Learning Adventure Online

I think that it is pretty cool that in Canada you can find services that will assist with people that need to remove criminal record listings and help with the canadian pardon application that is available to their citizens. I never knew that that was an option until I stumbled onto a site that advertises these services. Oh how I love the Internet and all the things that I learn from it almost on a daily or weekly basis, how did we ever live and survive without it?

I have always been interested in taking a trip into Canada and see what it is all about. I don’t speak any French, but from what I understand that shouldn’t be an issue in most of Canada. The other issue is that I HATE the cold, but I’ve recently learned that isn’t always cold up there either as I always thought.

So if you have any interest in learning about the removal of criminal record canada style you can go to and see what that is all about and learn something new for the day as well. They have a lot of intersting stuff there.



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