What’s Going On Here Folks?

The only place that I have seen these garden rain chains that I have fallen in love with is online. I haven’t seen any type of rain chain in any store that I have been in, nor have I seen rain chains in any one’s yard or garden which is just weird. But I do have to say that I don’t get the chance to frequent many people’s back yards, but still. I’ve shown several people the web site rainchainlink.com that I have found that has tons of these beautiful arts of work that are perfect to place around outside just about anywhere, and no one has seen them around anywhere.

So not only will I be the first one to have a bronze address plague installed but it looks like I’ll be the first one to have some of these lovely looking and working rain chains adorning my back and side yard. I’m thinking that these would be great Christmas presents for several people that I always have to buy presents for each year and struggle to find the right gift to get them. The prices for these pieces range from around $60 to just under $300 and that works well for me at this point. Check them out and see what you think.

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