Oh No, Not My Beautiful Window Box

Am so glad that the sun is out and shining bright once again after all of the rain and high winds that we experienced over the past couple of days. I have discovered a few things that I should have brought in that got damaged, like my beautiful windowbox that I really love. I guess it just didn’t dawn on my that my windowbox would be in jeopardy will all the other things that I had going on at that time.

My mother always had the most wonderful flower boxes in the front windows of our house, all the neighbors where so envious of my mother’s green thumb and her window boxes that always had something pretty growing in them each spring, summer and fall. So a few years ago, as a birthday gift, my mother gave me my own wooden¬†window box to try even though I really don’t have the same green thumb as her, it has turned out fairly well and it breaks my heart that it is now broken. But maybe my Dad can work on it and get it back together for me, he is good at things like that, as most Dads are¬†I reckon.

I just can’t figure out how the huge spider’s web that has been outside my back door managed to survive during all of this.

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