Non Profitting Down In The Nation’s Capitol

It looks like I’ll be attending the Non Profit Human Resources Conference over the weekend of October 9 – 11 with my buddy Charley who is looking into a nonprofit career in the Washington D.C. area. He is paying for the trip and the conference, along with all the other expenses other than any souvenirs orĀ nick knacksĀ that I decide I can’t live without taking back home from our Nation’s Capitol. Since I don’t have a lot of money to throw around these days I don’t see an issue with me filling up with car on the way back home with too much stuff, but apparently Charley doesn’t see it that way. Charley has known me for a very long time and still holds memories of days gone by when we both had more than enough money to splurge on frivolous things such as souvenirs.

He has been looking at nonprofit jobs for some time now and has found several non profit jobs online on some of the websites that cater to the non profit employers and job seekers that do a good job of matching up the two, unfortunately he just hasn’t matched up to anything that has “floated his boat” as he is so good at saying. At least he is working right now and it isn’t a crisis, but he is anxious and his current job is getting under his skin more often than not and I hate to see him so miserable so many times during week, always about something going on at work.

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