Lightening Strikes

My eldest sister, who lives in Tennessee, called me this afternoon to tell me that a strike of lightening had just hit her house and has caused numerous problems that has her pretty upset. Her son’s girlfriend was just grabbing hold of the door knob to go out and roll up the windows of the cars that were outside when the lightening struck and now the poor thing isn’t able to hear out of her left ear. The only thing that runs on electricity that is still working is the refrigerator and the stove, absolutely nothing else is working, even the toilets are not running which makes no sense at all. Her computers are all fried along with the modem and router and boy is she some kind of pissed, rightfully so.

To top it all off there are now 3 trees that are ready to fall directly onto the house and she is afraid for every one’s safety but has no where else to go. I wish that she wasn’t over 16 hours away, although if I thought that me going down there would be of any benefit I would be there in a heart beat and I’m sure she knows that by now.

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