Laptop Storage Products For The Office

What can I say, FREE SHIPPING, gets my attention and usually gets my business when I do my shopping on the Internet, like so many of us are doing these days. I swear I don’t know what I would do without my computer. There has been a few days here and there that my laptop was being repaired and it really surprised me how it effected me in various ways. It really makes me stop and think about how dependent we are all getting on our computers at home, work and school, I mean how did we manage our lives before the Internet came into the picture, hard to imagine – actually it’s impossible to imagine.

Anyway, today at work I was given the task of looking into purchasing a couple of new laptop carts for the office. Not just a regular cart mind you, but a locking laptop cart. They now want us all to leave our laptops at the office each night, unless you are authorized to take one home or a manager you are going to have to place it in the new locking laptop storage cart that I’m trying to find.

To be honest I had no idea where to even start the search so I did what I always end up doing and I Googled “laptop cart” and badda bing, badda boom just like magic I found numerous sites that are selling laptop carts just like what I am looking for. Now these puppies aren’t cheap, not that I have to worry about paying for it, but it is my job to find the best and the cheapest price possible, so when I went to and saw the Free Shipping offer right up top I decided that this was where we were going to do business. I also love that they have Live Help so that I can chat live with one of their “experts” and not have to deal with the making of phone calls that always end up getting me all aggravated with their screwed up phone trees, their auto-mated operators, being transferred way too many times, being put on hold for way too long and worst of all the receiving of horrible customer service, which is happening more and more to me lately and I’ve about reached my limit on that, but that is another story meant for another time.

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