High School Reunions

Last year I went to my first high school reunion, only because my best friend insisted that I go with her because she didn’t want to go alone. It was more fun then I expected and I’m looking forward to the next one that will be coming up in a few years.

We first all met at the school and attended the football game against our biggest rival. It was fun but my rear end got really¬†cold sitting on those darned aluminum bleachers. We had to use the bathroom and decided to go into the school and find the bathrooms and see all the changes that have taken place through out the years that have been done to the place since our last time being in there. Funny how much smaller those steel lockers looked after such a long time. but then again from what I understand most schools are now installing the small locker to accommodate the larger population of students that they are now teaching. I don’t see how anyone can fit all the things necessary to put in your locker, especially come winter when you have so many extra things that you have to wear and then store in your locker. But then we didn’t use back packs back then so I’m guessing a lot of the stuff that we used to store in our lockers are now being carried in their back packs.

It’s too bad that we lost the football game, but that didn’t hamper our spirits for very long. It ended up being a really great time and now I have re kindled several old friendships, most of them are on Facebook which is so cool!

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