Friends and High Finance

I’ve been invited to go with a friend from work to a presentation that we are hoping will  enlighten us on the subject of Online Trading which is something that we both have been wanting to learn more about since they are making so many changes at work with our benefits. This presentation is being given by a local Online Broker and promises to teach us about IRA Accounts, Mobile Trading and Stock Trading in a 2 1/2 hour crash course, for free. I like free!

This is the first time we have done anything outside of work, other than lunch or something else totally related to work. We get along well, but for some reason neither one of us has attempted to take our relationship outside of the work place.  It’s not like I want to become best friends or anything, but you can never have too many friends. We have a few things in common, this will possibly give us something to discuss other than just typical office chit chat and we don’t live too awfully far from each other, so she is going to swing by and pick me up, which is fine with, I’ll save my gas thank you very much.

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