Even More About Lightening

I didn’t know we were expecting any kind of rain today, so it is a good thing that I had gotten all of my outside work done earlier today. I got up early because I knew that it was going to be another scorcher and I wanted to beat the heat, which worked for a few hours and then wham bam thank you mam it got hotter than hell. I started feeling nauseous, my head pounding and was totally drenched from head to toe. I got things done and most everything put away and practically crawled in the door and headed straight for the bath tub to soak my troubles and pains away for a while.

While soaking in the tub, reading my book that I keep in the bathroom that I only read while taking my daily bath, I hate showers, the lights started flickering for a few minutes and then they went out completely. This has never happened to me before while in the bath tub, pretty scary since it gets totally dark in there with no lights on. But I managed to get out of there safe enough only to find that the whole house had gone dark, I had just thought that the light bulb had blown in the bathroom and was caught off guard about finding the whole place was darkened due to lightening from a storm I had no idea we were in for to begin with.

I’m glad that the lights came back on in about 15 minutes and that my laptop w

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