Daily Archives: August 25, 2011

Hurrricane Irene

What a wacky weather week we are having, first we had the earthquake and now we are expecting a major hurricane. We haven’t been to the beach but once this summer, so we were planning on going this weekend since the following weekend is Labor Day and the beach is the last place we want to be on that major holiday that is always jammed packed with people enjoying the last weekend of the summer season.

Part Time At The Mall

As you know I have taken a part time job, during the evenings, at the sun glass kiosk at the local mall. It just reopened and I was lucky enough to know the owner who took me in right off. I haven’t worked in retail in a while but I always enjoyed with with people and it is only part time. Last night was tricky learning about all of the different sunglasses that they have for sale, I had no idea that there was so much to learn about sunglasses! The main problem was that the receipt printer was acting up, so I had to manually write several receipts for the customers who really wanted/needed a receipt. Not a big deal since we were not really busy but I hope that they either get it fixed or get a new one before the weekend comes since the weekends are when the mall is the busiest and I want to spend my time selling and not writing receipts.