Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

The New England Look

One day I will be able to buy the kind of furniture that I really find attractive and desirable to me, the kind that a person really dreams of having in their home instead of the kind that you can find at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets like what I currently have to use. When I left my parents house and went out on my own I didn’t have much to bring to my new apartment that I was sharing with my high school best friend and neither did she. We had our bedroom furniture from home, but other than that we had nothing. But we did have fun finding things together to bring back to the apartment at various thrift stores, flea markets were not all that popular back then and the yard sales that we found back then were all about baby clothes, baby furniture and toys and just a bunch of junk that neither one of us had a need for. Not like today when you can find yard sale after yard sale after yard sale with all kinds of goodies to offer.

Anyway when we finally split up and went our seperate ways we divided up our treasures as best as we could which left both us short all over again. So I had to start the search all over again and ended up with second hand furniture all over again, but at least I had some things tohelp fill up my new place. But now I really want to start looking around for some nice new furnishings and eventually have my own yard sale. I have been looking around online at various websites that have some really nice looking furniture. My favorite so far is at the New England Lifestyle website, their white furniture is just what I have pictured in my mind for my place. This classic design is very contemporary and would be suitable for my bedroom and living room and would blend well with my current dining room furnishings quite well.

Check out this “Maine Range” white painted wooden bedroom furniture. I absolutely love it!