So Many Choices . .

I know I addressed the issue of choosing the webhosting issue before, but it is an important aspect of owning and operating a computer these days, if you want access to the Internet that is. My kid sister just purchased her first laptop over the weekend with some of the money that she got back from her tax refund. She put aside $700 as soon as she got her refund and has been shopping around, taking her time in finding the perfect laptop at the best price possible, so she has worked hard on this project and I’m proud of her. This kid, out of all of us,¬†will go far in life, she has the patience of a saint where as the rest of us seem to fly by the seat of our pants most of the time.

She has also been researching which web hosting provider will be best for what she wants and needs. She has been asking around friends and family for their input as well as using the Internet to find some answers as well. As far as I know she has narrowed it down to three main ones,, and I know this because she was over at my place the other day and we spent some time on the computer together and she was showing me what she had come up with. I helped her with some computer concerns and she helped me with a few things around the house that have been put on the back burner for to long, so it worked out well. We need to do things like that more often even though everyone is so busy with their own lives and schedules, it nice to be able to spend quality time with a family member that you

Since neither one of us like to cook and both of us love going out to eat we decided to go to our local Golden Corral and pig out on their food which is always inexpensive and they always have a great variety to choose from in their various buffet stands. It was great spending the day with my kid sister. One day I will have to quite calling her my kid sister, she isn’t a kid anymore by any means, but I don’t think I’ll be able to any time soon, we are creatures of habit after all and if that is my worst habit then I guess I’m one lucky son on a gun, right?

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