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Tennis Court Resurfacing And Much More

Sometimes I really enjoy just losing myself online, just clicking here and there and landing who knows where. I have found some of the most interesting websites that way, as I’m sure so many of us do. As a tennis fan I run across some pretty cool sites that pertain to the game of tennis in various ways. Today I found myself looking at which is the website of a company that specializes in sports court construction, repair, maintenance and resurfacing, which is something that I know so very little about and don’t know anyone in that profession.

I imagine it to be a pretty labor intensive process, but apretty lucrative one and rightfully so. Not only do they do tennis court resurfacing, but basketball courts, roller hockey rinks, handball courts, bocce ball courts, shuffleboard courts and numerous other sport surfaces that all need some type of upkeep and maintenance throughout the years in order to keep them not only looking good but safe for their players and other users as well. With so many people being suing at the drop of a hat, it is very important to be as safe as possible, am I right?

Check out this Before and After shot of a basketball court that they worked on to resurface. Pretty cool!

Now I’m getting antsy about getting in a game of tennis soon, before the July heat and humidity really kicks in and all I will want to do is stay inside and enjoy my big screen TV and my air conditioner!