Words Being Tossed Around

I can’t imagine life without my laptop, how different things are than just 12years ago, when all I had was my desktop computer and I had to share that with other people in the house and it was used for emails and a lot of other recreational surfing for fun and zany websites to pass along to others in my email contact list. I did come in handy for school work as well, I have to admit, although we were not as dependant on the Internet back then, as students, as today’s students are. I know there are still a lot of classrooms that don’t have any or near enough computers as needed for all their students, but for the most part the majority of the time is spent on their computers in classrooms all across the country.

Not only are today’s student’s learning on their computers but they are learning more about their computers as well. You can hold a decent conversation with many kids concerning web hosting and terms like colocation and managed hosting are thrown out pretty casually along the way, with them being able to back up what they are saying as well. ITs are always in demand and with more and more of us relying on our computers for work and play, there will always be a need for someone that knows their way around a computer. My brother, for example, can charge up to $150 an hour for his work and time that he spends on people’s computers. It is too bad that he gives away so much of his time to friends and family (what am I complaining out, he has saved my but on numerous occasions, probably running into thousands of dollars and has never charged me a dime) he could really be raking in the $$$ if he settled down and got serious with his knowledge, expertise and talents with the computer world, but he is happy with the way things are going and that is what counts, right?


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