The Medical Clothes Do Make The Man

Had to make my annual visit to the dentist today, what a way to put a damper on your spirits on a beautiful weather day, such as today. I would have much rathered eaten my lunch outside somewhere close to work, instead I spent it on a cold plastic covered dentist chair fom Hell. As much as this guy charges you would think he would re invest some of hard earned money into some nicer things for his patients in his busy dental practice. He obviously isn’t spending a lot of it on his medical scrub uniforms or nice shoes, since it looks like he is wearing the exact same old raggedy thing, all the way down to his shoes, each time I end up in his chair. Today I almost told him about a good site to check out for some nice quality nice looking medical uniforms that would look nice on him at – a site that I’m familiar with because my sister works in the medical field. But instead I kept finding my mouth full of instruments and cotton balls and just nodding my head either yes or no to his usually questions that he must get tired of asking folks that have their mouths full, ya know. Bet he doesn’t get to have a lot of full conversations with many of his patients, something to think about.

He does have nice teeth and pleasan tbreathe, which is a plus for some one that spends so much time with his face right up close like with numerous other folks all day. I have had to endure some nasty smelling dentists, doctors and nurses in my life time, which makes for a very long and uncomfortable visit all the way around. And this particular dentist is pretty easy on the eyes, which is the only reason I keep going back to him all these years. There is just something about a nice looking man that doesn’t dress to his best ability, especially when you know that money isn’t really an issue in order to have a nice, decent enough wardrobe that makes you look good while being able to be comfortable as well.

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