Summer Time = Pool Time

I remember getting so excited this time of the year with school almost over and summer right on the horizon. All the swimming pools are getting ready to open, my friends and I shopping for our new bathing suits and life was good. Most of the summer was spent at the pool and the local McDonald’s.

I always wanted my parents to put in a pool in our backyard instead of the garden that always demanded so much of our time and attention each year. My sisters and I begged and pleaded with them for years thinking that we might somehow convenience them that it would be a good idea. Unfortunately we never got that pool. The parents weren’t happy with the prospect of all the time, money and materials that it would take to have a pool installed. Besides the expense of the pool and the water, there is the pool liners, the chemicals, the pump, the filters, along with the cover that would be legally necessary to have, not to mention the fence that would need to be installed to keep people out that my parents would be liable for. Bummer.

The pool liners, all the chemicals, along with the testing strips, the cleaning materials and all that I could understand, although my parents could certainly afford that, or so I thought. It was all the legal mumbo jumbo that I didn’t understand. At that young age I just thought that they were just being old fuddy duddies ( I hope that I spelled that correctly, I’ve never attempted to write fuddy duddy before, much less the plural form) unfortunately these days I know better. There are way too many news stories aired each year announcing the deaths of children in swimming pools which makes me think and thank my parents for just trying to keep us kids safe, along with all the other neighborhood kids that would have been in the pool right there with us with no life guard anywhere around.

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