Going On a Cruise

Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

During the cold winter months, it is easy to slip into a feeling of boredom and longing for the nice sunny warm spring and summer months.  While many people are able to wait for the warm sun to return, I tend to need to take a vacation to get it back earlier than others.  While there are many warm places to visit on the globe, my favorite thing to do when I am in need of a warm vacation is to go on a cruise.

Going on a cruise has many advantages.  First, when going on a cruise, you have the ability to visit multiple countries and beaches in as little as a week.  This differs from a traditional vacation where you are stuck on the same beach for the entire trip.  Seeing different places allows me to experience more exotic locations and meet more interesting people than I could otherwise.  Another great advantage of going on a cruise is all of the food.  When going on a cruise, you will get to take advantage of the unlimited food buffet which is free to all guests.  This compares well to traditional vacations which are full of expensive meals.

When going on a vacation I tend to be away from my home for over a week at a time.  Because of this, I feel that it is very important to set my home security alarm (HERE) prior to going.

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