More Wacky Weather in The South

Some how I managed to sleep through some pretty hard core rains last night. I must have been really tired, normally all of that noise would have woken me up. This morning when I turned on my laptop the first thing that came up were several stories, along with numerous disturbing pictures, about all the storms and the damage that they caused all across the south. Of course I immediately called my sister that lives in Alabama to make sure that she and her family were OK and thankfully they were fine but she had some pretty crazy stories to tell about their experiences during last night’s weather in her area.

One of the pictures taken that is on Yahoo right now really got to me and so I cut and pasted the photo here to share with my readers in case they didn’t see it anywhere else.


As you can see only the stairs and flowers (with all the fragile flower tops left completely undamaged) remain Saturday, April 16, 2011 after mother nature’s severe winds tore a mobile home off it’s lot late Friday night in Boone’s Chapel, Ala. I truly think that I will remember this very interesting but devastating photo for the rest of my live.

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