TV Volume Issue

I really enjoy several TV shows that come on The Animal Planet channel that I always look forward to. There aren’t many shows that I really like that come on the weekends, but I finally found some on The Animal Planet. Last night I got everything ready to sit down and watch Pit Boss, but I couldn’t hear any sound on that channel. Every other channel had sound, just not the one that I wanted to watch. Being very frustrated, I finally gave up and went to bed thinking that it was just a technical difficulty that would be cleared up by morning.

One of the first things I did this morning was check and see if the sound issue had been resolved and I’m sad to say that I still can’t hear a darn thing. I only have one TV set up in the house, but I have a small TV down in the basement that I went down and dug out, brought upstairs, got hooked up with the cableĀ and got plugged in and turned on only to find that the volume works just find on all the channels. So that leads me to believe that there is an issue with my big screen TV, one that is apparently over my head. I’ve put a phone call into my brother to see if he can swing by at some point this weekend and see if he can figure it out. He is really good with all of today’s technical gadgets, so I’m hoping and praying that he can do something with it so that I can get back to watching the shows that I’m missing right now.

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