The Insurance Game

I have a small interest in insurance business since I worked in the insurance industry for several years back in the day. My brother-in-law was an insurance agent for Nationwide Insurance, and when he moved my sister and her kids to Tennessee he needed someone like me to go to his office and take care of the business for a few months. This gave them time to settle in their new home, get the kids into schools, and he found a new office in their new home town for his business. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into! It was really hard work and it was so very overwhelming and stressful, but I learned so much and I gained enough experience and knowledge from those few months that I landed another job with Nationwide Insurance once he finally closed his old office’s door for the last time. The insurance industry is always changing, trying to keep up with the times and always trying to keep a step ahead of their competitors (there are a lot of competitors in the insurance business!).

The Internet has really made a major impact on the insurance game. I love the fact that you can go online and find out just about anything that you need to know about what insurance can offer you and yours. You can get quotes in just a matter of minutes, something that could have taken hours to do back in the day. I found my south Florida home insurance professionals online and I couldn’t be happier with them. I have referred several people to their office and have gotten to know many of the employees there fairly well throughout the years. Their office is right down the street which is so convenient, too. Although I do most of my business online, once in a while I’ll just stop by and visit with them for a short while on my way home. I’ve dropped off some home made goodies to them on occasion, so it’s all good. I like knowing and getting along with people that I do business with. Since I do a lot of business with them, by sending them my hard earned money each and every month, I’ve made it a point to have a positive relationship with as many of them as I can. It’s paid off in the long run, as they have gone out of their way for me a few times and done me a favor from time to time. I don’t think I’ll be switching insurance providers any time soon and I’ll continue to send them referrals when I can.

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