Oh The Wonderful Villas in Puerto Pollensa, Spain

I took several years of Spanish back in Junior High and High School and one year in summer school. In my Junior year, my Spanish teacher, his name was Senior Gorman, came across a program that would allow some of his students to go to Spain for 6 weeks during the summer and he really wanted me to be on of the lucky ones to go. I was so excited about the idea, but my parents were dead set about the idea and I was totally crushed. It caused a lot of tension in the house for a while, but as time went on things chilled out and life went on.

All these years later, I have once again come across an opportunity to visit Spain. I group of co workers are pooling together and renting one of the wonderful villas in Puerto Pollensa and have asked me if I would like to join them come September. I am so excited about the prospect of going with them. Now I know what I’m going to do with the money that I should be getting back from Uncle Sam soon from my taxes. And I have been doing some research online about that particular area in Northern Mallorca Majorca, Spain and it sounds fabulous. The villas in Pollensa that I’ve looked at are like right out of a story book and I can’t wait to find out which one(s) we are actually going to be staying at.

There will be at least 7 of us going, that is a lot of different people to try and please with their different ideas, styles, budgets, wants, needs and expectations. I’m not sure how all of that will be worked out, but we all get along very well at work and we are all pretty well grounded mature and responsible so I’m hoping that it will all work out. We should all have enough time, energy and respect for one another in order for all of us to get all that we want out of this once in a life time opportunity for many of us.

Looks like I’ll need to start brushing up on my Spanish. I’ll be darned if I’ll go into any other country that speaks a different language and not know how to communicate with the locals. I’ve heard too many horror stories over the years from people that have gone places completely unprepared and I’ve always wondered why they would do something like like. I mean people are always complaining about the foreigners that come over here and don’t learn the language but yet they turn around and do the same thing when they go somewhere that they doesn’t speak English and they get all freaked out. Just doesn’t make any sense to me, what a bunch of hypocrites, I’ll be no party to that type of behavior, I can tell you that.

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