Things Are Not All Right

It amazes me that there is such a teen cocaine addiction problem these days. What with the economy in such a mess, with people losing their jobs, their vehicles, their homes with many losing their families because of financial issues and failures in their family life, every time you turn around. Cocaine is a very expensive drug, not something that most kids are able to afford on a regular basis, which is what an addict requires, regularity and often. The only way these kids can afford that much cocaine is if they come from a family that has and hands out a lot of cash or if they are dealing the drug that feeds their addiction, and in this case it is cocaine. That is a lot of money changing hands in school, malls, school yards, back yards, basements and all the other places that these transactions take place in. It appears that their math skills are just fine when it concerns drugs and alcohol abuse!

The Internet is full of testimonials and facts that bring us some insight of the youth trends that we are always trying to figure out how to alter in order to save families and save lives. There are treatment centers popping up left and right that are available to help with drug and alcohol abuse in all age brackets. So many people are turning to ways that make things seem all right, if only for a few minutes, hours and possibly days. I think we are all guilty of that at some level in some way, but hopefully we don’t hurt ourselves or anyone else along the way, right?

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