The Big Apple

One of my dreams is to visit New York City during the Christmas holiday season.  I would love to take a train into the Big Apple and spend at least a week seeing all that New York City has to offer that we have seen on TV for years and years. I’m sure a week isn’t even enough time to see it all even if you crammed as much into the week as possible, but I don’t like rushing around, I’m more about taking my time and enjoying things as they come.

New York City is known for so many things, their Coffee Shops, their Hotels, their up scale stores that go all out with their holiday decorations in their front windows that keep people entertained and full of holiday cheer. I’d really like to see Time Square and eat at a few of the Restaurants that we always hear so much about. Of course I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t get myself down to Ground Zero to pay my respects to all that lost their lives due to 9-11, not the most cheerful place to visit but a must no less.

And then there is always the night life, that is for another day.

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