Surprise Chocolates For Us All

I do believe that the recent announcement concerning the health benefits found in dark chocolate has really made a good amount of people turning their sweet tooth towards the dark chocolates that are available everywhere that you turn. I have never been a fan of white or dark chocolate, milk chocolate has always been my favorite since as far back as I can remember. Although I really enjoyed peanut brittle the best and I still do today.

My parents always had a variety of candy dishes around the house that were constantly being filled with new and exciting sweets from all over for the whole house and company to enjoy as well. I remember my father coming home and having all of us kids (there were 7 of us then) sit or stand around him as he handed out his newest chocolate find that he was so anxious for us to try out. Even my mother was handed a piece to enjoy as well. Imagine how freaked out and upset we all were when my father announced that we all had been eating a variety of insects that were covered with chocolate. I don’t remember them all, nor do I remember who ate what other than my mother’s was chocolate covered ants. Some one else got a grass hopper, another got a beetle, and the only other one that I remember with certainty is the chocolate covered bee that my oldest brother had devoured in a matter of seconds. Boy he was one upset teenager that day! I thought it was hilarious, I loved my father’s sense of humor and I miss it so much.

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