Power To The People

I would have to say that the issue of police harassment is always of concern to us all. The horror stories that you hear and read about police harassment are pretty scary to think that something like that could possibly happen to you or someone that you know and or love. There are a lot of bad and/or crooked police officers in police departments all across the country, there always have been and there always will be, the best we can do is try and keep ourselves away from any situation that might give someone the opportunity to have their way with you in various ways and situations.

Giving some people the power to over come and over rule other people is always tricky. Not every cop is involved in police harassment, but I do believe that you would be hard pressed to find one cop that hasn’t done something that he or she should not have done. They are only human after all, but sometimes they really cross the line and people need to be able to stick up for themselves.

I read an interesting post online earlier that got me onto this subject. If you want to read the story click here. And I promise when I come back I’ll be in a better, more positive state of mind that you all have gotten so used to reading from me. Peace Out

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