Moving Options in the 21st Century

I have heard that moving is one of the top 3 most stressful times in a person’s life and I can certainly believe that statement. I just wish I could remember what the top 2 were, I can think of several possibilities such as: the birth of a new baby, getting married, starting a new job, starting a new school, getting divorced, and the death of a close relative or friend. All of these events can be totally stressful as most of you all know all too well. But back to the moving issue.

I remember the last time that I moved, which was almost 13 years ago, I swore that I would never, ever even consider moving ever again. What a hassle that turned out to be for all concerned. But that was 13 years ago and times have changed and there are new options out there that were not available back then, like what ABF u-pack has to offer it’s customers these days.

ABF U-Pack Moving Company brings you an empty trailer or container to you, you have up to 3 business days to load it full of your belongs. After you have packed up your stuff they do the driving and they deliver your belongings right to your new location and give you up to three business days to unload it all so that they can come a take back their trailer or container and leave you a satisfied and happy camper.

My sister is moving late in the summer of this year and is looking into the various options that are out there these days and so far ABF u-pack is at the top of the list. She found them online and has already gotten a quote from them and seems excited about what they have to offer. She is going to need all the help that she can get for this move, so it’s a good thing that we all live pretty close to each other and can be there to help pack and load. And I’m glad that she isn’t moving far away either, only a two hour drive from my place, I can handle that. Don’t know what I’d do if she ever moved any farther away than that. We are a close family and I hope we always stay that way.

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