I’m Hoping That Uncle Sam Will Help Me Buy A New Car This Year

I’m really hoping to get my papers all in order and ready to take to the neighbor that does my taxes for me each year. I really think that this year I will have a nice chunk of change, heading straight into my checking account, so I’m trying to figure out how to use it to my best advantage. I do believe that I will have enough for a nice down payment on a slightly used Honda Accord, which is first on my list.

I’ve done a lot of my research and homework by using the Internet. It is so much easier than bouncing around town from one dealership to another at least until the time comes that you want to test drive one, besides that everything else can be down right online. I found a Chicago Honda Dealer that has a tremendous amount of new and used cars listed on their website, so I’ve spent a good amount of time there looking and drooling at all of their vehicles that they are advertising online. Their website is very well laid out and user friendly, I like that you can even schedule services right by clicking right on their homepage.

I will know within the next couple of weeks how much I’ll be able to expect from dear old Uncle Sam and then I’ll continue from there and make a decision as soon as possible. Summer will be here soon and I’d look to have a convertible to drive and enjoy the wind in my face and my hair as well. Wish me luck!

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