Bullion, Gold Bullion, A Hot Topic At The Office

One of the good things about working in an office environment, much like I do, is that you get a chance to bond with other co workers that are stuck in there with you for most of the day, day in and day out. Most of the time the people I have worked with are good decent, hard working people and I cherish their friendships, big time. I have learned so much about so many issues from many of them and having access to the Internet at our work stations brings a whole new world into the picture. If one of us gets involved with something online, there is a good chance that the others will get involved in one way or another and the whole place can get into an uproar in no time. But thank goodness that doesn’t happen very often.

Right now Mark, the guy that sits right across from me, is spending his free time researching bullion, gold bullion to be exact. With the market and the economy still in such a crisis we are all looking for ways to make more money in order to keep our heads above water and he knows a few people that are dealing in gold and seem to be doing quite well with it. I don’t know squat about how to buy gold bullion, but I’ve been listening to Mark talk about it for the past few weeks now I’m finding out more and more whether I want to or not since he only sits about 6 yards from me and all he talks about is the market, the price of gold, and whether or not he should continue to buy bullion this month or not.

I wish him all the luck in the world. He has a nice wife and 3 kids that are trying to live on his salary alone and he needs a break some how or another and maybe this is just what he needs. In the mean time I’ll continue to listen to him and see how it all pans out for him before I start jumping in both feet first.

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