I really miss my old school friend who moved to Texas over 2 years ago. We met in the 2nd grade and had a unique friendship that weathered elementary school, middle school and high school and every day since then. We are still the best of friends but long distance relationships really bite! Both of us have moved around through out the years, but never so far away and for who knows for how long this time will end up being. I have a sinking feeling that this time just might be for good. She recently remarried for the 4th time and this one just might be the one. He is a really great guy, has a good job, money in the bank along with a good amount of stocks and bonds, never been married, has no kids, BUT his life, the job, the house and plenty of land, the large southern family, the whole kit and caboodle is all in the North Dallas area. So off she went to live happily ever after.

All I can say is thank God for the Internet, email, Facebook, and Yahoo Instant Messaging, along with free cell phone minutes after 9:00pm and weekends. We probably communicate more since she moved but I just can’t see her face to face for now, although we both have web cams. We tried that but it turned out to be more of a hassle, they kept freezing up on us and it became not only distracting but frustrating as well.

In her latest email she sent me the links to ai4ps.com which is the site to the Dallas Plastic Surgery center that she is checking out for her Dallas Cosmetic Surgery that her new, very generous and giving hubby is springing for her for their 3rd year wedding anniversary. Nice gift, huh? So if that floats hers (and his) boat, the more power to them, I’ll support her anyway that I can. Maybe he can spring for a plane ticket and I can fly out there and take care of her for the first week or so. That would be cool. I’ll have to work on them about that, but I don’t think it should be a hassle at all.

So I’ll keep you posted on the possible Dallas Breast Implants and my possible trip down to the big state of Texas. I’ve only been through Texas once and that was when I was a young kid. All I remember is a long, straight road surrounded by a lot of sand for as far as the eyes could see. So I’m anxious to see what all else it has to offer, there has to be something that these proud Texans are so darn proud of!

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