My Tax Refund Check & How I’m Going To Spend It

Isn’t it amazing how many types, makes and models of vehicles that are out there are these days. I can’t imagine bouncing from dealership to dealership in order to learn more about the vehicles that are on the lot, what with the Internet out there for us to take so much of the legwork out of the entire task of looking for a new vehicle.  You can find just about any type of information needed online, one of the better sites is

I am expecting a fairly decent tax refund check this year and would like to use it to put a real decent down payment down on either a Hyundai Tuscon Gl or a nice mitsubishi. Unfortunately my mother would really like to see me behind the wheel of a cadillac (which has always been her dream car) and my father is pushing for a Volvo V50 R. I can’t see me driving either one of their choices and I’m going to have a battle on my hands with this purchase. There is no way I can please everyone and it irks me to think that I’m going to have to stand my ground in order to please myself. No matter how old we get our parents usually have a huge impact on our lives and our decisions and we can only hope and pray for the best for all of us.

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