The Local Yellow Pages

I really can’t remember the last time I have picked up the paper version of the local yellowpages to find information about a business. It is so much easier to turn to my laptop and do a local search at a site such as and find everything that I need, including directions, ratings and reviews and so much more that it only makes sense to go online. 

I have all ready received a few gift cards as early Christmas presents and am looking forward to using them, especially the ones for restaurants. I do enjoy eating out and there are so many local restaurants out there that are just waiting for me to come and hopefully enjoy, but eating out has become very expensive so it has dampened my effort of trying every restaurant in town at least once. So receiving gift cards certainly will help that situation out.

One of my favorite places to go and eat is our Buffalo Wild Wings. It is a very laid back place to go and enjoy some time eating and spending some time out of the house and the rest of the crazy world. Red Lobster is always nice as well. I’m always in the mood for seafood, just wish it wasn’t as expensive as it always seems to be. Coupons are always welcomed and used when possible in this house hold.

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