Pick Um Up

You can learn just about everything on the Internet. It never ceases to amaze me on what you can find online. A co worker had some free time today at work and was surfing the Net. He came across a site puaforums.com that discusses the fine art of the pick up artist. It is an interesting and entertaining as well as educational to visit from time to time. It is a forum that is pretty active and very opinionated.  

I’ve never been much into using any types of pick up lines. I usually just go over and introduce myself and stick my hand out for a hand shake and take it from there. I’d be too nervous to have to remember any lines, ya know what I’m saying? And now there is texting going on, which is a whole new ball game for many people. The issue of how to text a girl is addressed at this site as well. It’s an amusing site addressing an amusing situation and I have to give it a thumbs up and want to pass the word out here about it. Check it out if you feel the need or want.

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