Online Security Concerns

My sister has concerns about what her daughter (my favorite niece) is seeing on the computer late at night after everyone else has gone to bed and the lights are out. They have a lot of trust with this young lady, she has never been in any type of trouble in all of her 13 years. Never a spanking, put in the corner, given a time-out, put on restriction, and they rarely have to raise their voice to her, she is that good of a person. But you never know if they are really being 100% smart with who they are talking with online.

My sister knows about the Keylogger type of programs that will let a parent go online after their kid is finished and the program allows the to see every web site that was visited. An interesting program for today’s parents. She’s mainly interested in checking on chat conversations to make sure that my niece isn’t getting involved in any way what-so-ever, with online pedophiles or stalkers and losers in general, which is a huge worry for parents and relatives of teenagers in today’s crazy, messed up world.

The program that offers screen shots is pretty amazing as well. With much technology out there it only makes sense to take advantage of what ever you can manage in order to keep a careful eye out on your loved ones.

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