Evony – Multi-player Online Strategy Game

Speaking of my teen aged niece and her computer usage. She just sent me the description and an invitation to play an online game with her via this evening’s email.

“Uncle Reese – have you ever heard of the game Evony? It’s a computer game and it’s pretty fun, although, it takes a lot of time to play it. Evony is a massively multi-player online real time strategy game. You become a King/Queen and make your own city’s, town’s, army’s, ect. You join an alliance, complete quests/missions, take over other players, and try to become the most powerful player. I gotta warn you though, this game is very addicting. I’ve had lots of fun and made lots of new friends on Evony. So why don’t you try it out? I think you’ll have loads of with this game.”

It was nice of her to think of me but I’m afraid that I don’t have the time required to play this type of game at this point. But maybe in the middle of January or February when the farm load is a bit lighter, I’ll check it out and see.

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