Dress Up for Sis

Now that the Christmas holidays are done and over with, we can look forward to some warmer weather here in just a few short months, at least we can hope and pray that we will anyway. The anticipation of all that spring and summer brings to us really gets me excited, lord I hate the cold weather.

My kid sister will be going to her first prom this year and she wants us (my mother and I) to start looking around for prom dresses or any other of the evening dresses that are out there that would be appropriate for her to wear in early June. We should be able to come up with something that will make her look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank. My mother and I have gotten pretty darn good finding good deals on the Internet. There are deals to out there if you can take a few moments and do your research. I look for sites that offer Free Shipping and so far, from what I’ve looked at for a short time today,¬†¬†dressespro.com has some great dresses, great deals and Free Shipping, so they have my vote right off. I’ll be sending sis and mom the link for them to check out as well.

Check out this Strapless Beaded Mermaid Prom Gown, sis would look wonderful is this dress.

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