Thanksgiving is the best day for our family traditions

Authored by Wilmer Patrick

I enjoy visiting my family throughout the holiday season. I think the holiday that I enjoy the most is Thanksgiving. It is always nice to visit with our extended family, and it is just a day of eating, relaxing and a few family traditions.

We usually leave for our destination at around 9:00 a.m. to arrive by 11:00 a.m. We always make sure to let the dogs out first, turn on the outside Christmas lights so they will be shining bright when we arrive home, and turn on our home security alarm we got from ADT Security San Francisco deals before we leave our home for the day.

We have a few traditions that we do every year on Thanksgiving. We all go around the table and let each other know what we are thankful for that year, and we have to say why we are thankful for one person that is sitting at the table with us. We always eat an early Thanksgiving “dinner” so that we have time to go to our local movie theater in the afternoon. We always pick a family friendly movie and go to the theater every year. These are just a few of our Thanksgiving traditions that we do to celebrate the holiday with our family, and the day is always enjoyed by all.

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