Good Food, Good People and A Quick Education on Online Trading

Thanksgiving is now done and over with and the count down begins for the Christmas holiday. With as much turkey that I ate the other day I can’t imagine having to eat another big turkey dinner in just a few short weeks, but I guess I’ll manage some how.  I’m just grateful that I don’t have to do all of the cooking and cleaning and all the other preparations that are involved with these huge family dinners. To be fair I do help with the clearing of the tables and the dishes, the trash and anything else that I can assist my mother with on these occasions.

This year we had a huge turn out,over 35 people showed up, four good sized tables were needed to hold everyone and no one brought any attitudes to any of the tables that were provided for the evening. I was seated next to my brother-in-law, Steve, who has recently dabbling with Online Trading and he was generous with his time in an effort to try and educate me in IRA Accounts and Mobile Trading, which are issues that I don’t have much knowledge on what-so-ever.

My cousin Ericka was sitting across from us and was asking some pretty good questions for Steve about Stock Trading and we all walked away from the table with a much clearer picture about the whole Online Trading business and I look forward to him coming over after all the holidays are done and over with and showing me some of what he was talking about on my laptop.

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