Free On Demand

Contributed by Rupert Carey

Every once in a great while, we get free On demand on our satellite TV that we got after reading up on the direct tv camparison . It never happens for very long and sometimes it’s just a promotional thing for one movie. The last time that we had free On Demand, we ordered Youth In Revolt– we should have saved it for something better. None of us liked that movie. The premise sounded good but the way that movie was written, it really kind of sucked. We weren’t pleased at all.

One time, after a huge storm we had in the area, everyone in the county had free On Demand because they had to sort through all of the people in the county that had satellite to figure out who paid for it or not. We had free movies for over a month! It was nice to watch all the latest movies without having to rent them. I doubt they will make a mistake like that one again. I’m pretty sure that they lost a lot of money because of that storm.

Dad says that he will never pay for the On Demand because then we will all just sit in front of the TV and let our brains rot watching movies. He is probably right, we don’t want much television anyway but if we got all the latest movies for free we probably would, and our brains probably would turn to mush.

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