Can San Fransisco Win The World Series?

Post contributed by Josue Durham

At one point in the season, it seemed like the Major League Baseball playoffs would never arrive. Now that they are here, they are whizzing by so fast it’s almost hard to keep up. I haven’t missed a game in the post season, though, and I love watching Major League Baseball on satellite TV from The high definition is to crisp it feels like I’ve got a front row seat for every pitch.

This year the team I am the most fascinated by is the San Fransisco Giants, a team that surprised the Philadelphia Phillies in the first game, beating them out in a pitching duel and taking a one game series league. The Phillies had to come back and even the series in the second game, but they were stunned by the first game loss, having perhaps not take the Giants seriously enough in the first game.

The series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Fransisco Giants is shaping up to be one the best pitching battles in post season history. Both teams are managing their pitching rotations well. The Giants’ win in the first match up was even more surprising because it was at the Phillie’s home field.

The Giants know what they need to do to have a shot to win. They must keep the scoring down in the series, as they don’t feel they can pour on points if they give up too many runs.

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