Make your daydream a reality: Visit Italy

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

I sat on my couch on a Sunday morning watching a travel show I so often get lost in. A little inspiration goes a long way with me, and it was on this day, where Direct TV Florida gave me the idea to travel to this international destination.

Planning a trip to Italy was surprisingly effortless. In a moment’s time, my fiance and I decided to go Rome with a three day stop in Naples as a side trip. We booked our trip online with relative ease and for an unbeatable price. Nine full days in Italy with train travel in between – I knew I was soon to be in heaven.

Our first stop was Rome. After catching a train from the airport into the heart of the Eternal City, we found our hotel and showered immediately. The next four days were a whirlwind. We spent our days exploring, eating, and drinking delicious wine. From Roman ruins to the Holy City known as The Vatican, we will never forget our visit to Rome. The region of Naples, moreover, was another absolute delight. After climbing Mount Vesuvius, visiting the ruins at Pompeii and exploring the paradise that is Capri, we came to love Italy’s Southern region. With so much left to explore, I simply cannot wait to come return to this enchanting country.

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