Long Beach California Her She Comes . . . .

My sister is very happy and excited to announce to us, in last night’s email, that she has excepted a position in the Long Beach California area.  She has been looking for something like this for over a year now and this is a huge step for her to take on. But since her kids have all grown and moved away and she divorced her last husband all most 10 years ago, she is free to fly where ever she wants or needs to and Long Beach sure sounds like a nice place to land in for her right now.  She will be further away, but she doesn’t live close right now either, but we will she her during the holidays and visits like she has been doing for so very long.

Right now she has her hands full looking at various Long Beach Apartments. She doesn’t need much for just herself but she needs and deserves something half way decent. She will be entertaining, the Commercial Real Estate business dictates that you doing a lot of socializing and entertaining. It’s a good thing that the Internet is being such a big help in finding Apartments for rent in Long Beach, CA. Finding a Long Beach Rental from half way across the country is a huge undertaking and she has her hands full.

Best of Luck to you Sis!

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