Things Are Always A Changing…..

Just when my mother had things all lined up and ready to go for their “After Labor Day” trip to  Myrtle Beach, she up and changes things and has my Dad all bent out of shape about the whole deal. He just wants her to make Myrtle Beach hotel reservations and line up a couple of tee times and be done with it all. He is so laid back and she is so full of energy and full of herself that they clash at times like most older married couples do. He wants to get a way and play some golf and she wants to shop, dine and dance along the beach the whole time.

Anyway she has found a new Myrtle Beach Accommodations website at . The Seaside Resort is located in North Myrtle Beach and the previous accommodations were in a different area all together, so my mother switched things around and hopefully they will be all set. September is right around corner. I’m hoping that they will have good weather, who knows what September will be bringing us with all of the wacky and extreme weather that we have been experiencing this past year or so. Good weather can break or make a beach trip.

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