The All Powerful Internet

Watching the Redskins get their butts whooped the other night was a disappointment. I’ve always rooted for the Washington Redskins and try and follow their games when I can. Saturday’s game was just a pre season game but it still sucks to see them lose and so badly at that! I’m glad that I subscribe to Direct TV. I have the NFL Sunday Ticket package and am looking forward to an awesome football season that is getting geared up to start here real soon.

When I moved in here I went online and researched the local tv satellite options and and glad that I went with Direct TV. I found the information out at So far they have provided me with good deals and the reception has been very good since day one. Not at all like the cable that was used to for all those years before I landed here. Going to was a smart move on my part. The Internet has been a valuable tool for me since moving here. I lost connection for about 4 hours earlier today and was starting to get worried not knowing when it would come back on again.

Life tends to come to a screeching halt when something goes wrong with the Internet.

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