National Smiles Week

Today’s reason to send a smile is that it is National Smiles Week. Bet you didn’t know that, I sure didn’t – but then I rarely keep up with all of the “national holidays” that they have come up with. If it wasn’t for being online and having these pieces of trivia such as this I really wouldn’t know one national holiday from another.

Since there seems to be a holiday for each day of the year it makes it easier to find an excuse to send someone that you care about one of the wonderful gift baskets that you can find at I used to love getting gift baskets on Secretary’s day when I worked for a large well known insurance company. And all of the baby and bridal showers that we always held for each other throughout the years warranted many a gift baskets and always had the neatest products, plants, food and/or flowers and all kinds of other goodies placed strategically through the arrangements.

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