Golfing at Myrtle Beach

My goodness has Myrtle Beach grown since I was a kid and went there on summer vacations. I was spending some time on the computer today on my break and was looking at the golf package Myrtle Beach resorts are offering and I was blown away at the many hotels and resorts that are now there. I found and was drooling at their variety of accommodations that they have to offer all over the Myrtle Beach area. I always enjoyed the North Myrtle Beach area as a kid, my parents always made it a point to stay on the north side. We are creatures of habit.

If you want to get an eyeful of what is going on in Myrtle Beach you can go to and check out all that they have listed there. Some major changes have been going on there. Maybe next year, if my tax refund check is half way decent I can take a long week end and go there once again. I love playing golf and they have some wonderful courses to offer in that area. Something to check into in the near future, to be sure.

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