Gold ‘May Jump to $1,300 This Year’

I was surfing the Internet and ran across a site by Goldline International that I found some interesting reading about some of our precious metals silver and gold. You would have to be living under a rock some where in a very remote location not to know that the prices for gold and silver have been steadily on the rise. Most of us are very familiar with the commercials that are all over the TV these days that are telling us to send them our unused, broken and/or unwanted gold and silver for fast cash. Plus there are kiosks popping up in the malls offering fast cash for these items as well. Too bad I don’t have anything that they would be interested in buying from me.

I do have some nice, clean and pretty old Silver coins that my grandmother left to me when she passed away many years ago, but I would never consider selling them, unless I was really in trouble and needed some cash. I intend on keeping them and passing them down and keeping them in the family for many years to come. I think my grandmother would want it that way.

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