A New Horizon

Going through the process of a debt consolidation can make a drastic difference in the monthly payments that you find are due each and every month, time after time and seemingly to be never ending and are overwhelming a good amount of people these days. This depression isn’t letting up one bit for any one that I know or am related to. People are still losing their houses and properties. Jobs are still scarce, crime is rising, home invasions & robbery are happening big time with people getting so desperate for money. The old saying that money┬áis the route to all evil sure comes to my mind a lot lately.

It’s good that we have credit counseling and debt consolidation options available to us to help in times like this. I’m going to check into a debt consolidation and see what they have to offer. My credit is not in the best light right now so I’m curious to see what a bad credit rating will bring about in the quote.

Right now I figure that I’m $7,500 in credit card debit. I’d really like to get those numbers way down. Two of my current credit cards are charging me 29.9% interest, that is just nuts. I’ve called all of my creditors and asked for the interest rate to be lowered to no avail. That was a waste of time and effort, not that I had any faith in any of them doing anything about it. It’s just that all the specialists say that that is one of the first things to do on a lengthy list of to dos when dealing with credit card injustices.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

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