The Word

The word is that resorts in Myrtle Beach are filling up this summer and fall season. The Gulf is so messed up and the mess with all of this nasty, but precious oil, is fast traveling north messing up beach plans for thousands or possibly and more reasonably millions of people for sun in the fun and the waters.

My folks were planning a trip south for Labor Day weekend, but have had to re think, re shuffle and re do the whole thing thanks to BP and their incompetence and miss management of the whole oil leak issue. My folks have used the Internet to find a Myrtle Beach hotel that can accommodate all of what they like and expect for one of their holiday events. They are avid golfers so that is an important issue to them and Myrtle Beach certainly is known for having some wonderful golf courses available.

My mother sent me the link to so that I can see what see has picked for their accommodations. It looks to me, I’m just surprised that they had any openings with so many flocking to Myrtle Beach South Carolina this time around. I hope the weather is good for them, they deserve a great weather get-a-way, it’s been a hard past couple of years for them.

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