Gas Prices

Sometimes the most obvious solution is right in front of us, yet for some reason we just don’t see it. When we use common sense in life things do tend to be a little bit easier. This subject came up after reading an article on gas prices, where it state that only 10% of Americans work from home. You would think that with the increase in gas prices that that number would have at least doubled by now.Fortunately for those few they are saving a lot of money and time (without the commute). Unfortunately for the rest of us one reason why we still drive into the office is because employers do not trust us. That was the top reason why a lot of companies did not want their employees to work from home. Other reasons revolved around the work that needed to be done. For example, if you work the front desk at a hotel you need to be there in person. I guess the only thing we can do is hope and pray that the economy will improve in the near future.

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