End of the donation time is here

I have spent the last couple of weeks sorting through tons of boxes in the basement, looking for items to donate to our local GoodWill before the end of the year comes to an end. I really need some tax deductions for use when filing with the IRS comes around, and our GoodWill store here makes the donating process easy on us. You don’t even have to get out of your car, they come out to you, they take the bags and/or boxes, and they give you your receipt and you are on your way, you never have to leave your vehicle, simple as that.

My basement is flowing over with boxes that just need a little time to be gone through. So much of the stuff down there is old, out of date, out of style and out of my hair. So I’m glad to be rid of so much of it and using it as a tax write off makes the work worth while.

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